Specializing in the repair of damage caused by fire, smoke, water, storms, wind, hail and more

Columbus, Ohio Insurance Contractor

  • Call Roth if your home is damaged by fire or a natural disaster
  • Roth Construction can help get your life back to normal
  • Leader in repairing weather related damage
  • Quick damage repair for your home after a disaster
  • Our team of disaster repair experts and vehicles are ready 24/7

Roth Construction Columbus:
Rebuilding Lives, 23 1/2 Hours a Day

  • Insurance Repair and Construction in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area
  • Serivces Available Around-the-clock
  • Specialist Repairing Fire, Smoke and Water Damage
  • Experts in Repair of Weather Damage Caused Wind, Hail, Rain, Ice, and Snow
  • Also Experienced in Repairing Damage from Vandalism, Burst Pipes, Vehicle Impact and More!
  • Work with All Major Insurance Companies

Specialists in fire restoration
Roth Construction Company of Columbus, Ohio is a full service insurance contractor specializing in emergency repairs for your home, rental property or business due to damage caused by acts of nature as well as man-made events. These types of repairs include damage from smoke, fire, water, wind, rain, hail, ice, vandalism or the impact of a car or truck.

Roth Construction is the preferred contractor to the top insurance companies and has well established professional relationships with area insurance agents and insurance estimators.

Damage repair for fire, smoke, water and winter weatherRoth Construction works around the clock to get your life - and the life of your family or employees - back to normal as quickly as possible! Our experienced and highly trained professional staff of estimators, project managers and construction crews all work together to repair your damaged property whether it is damage caused by fire, smoke and/or water - or weather related damage due to rain, hail, wind, ice or snow.

Roth Construction is your smart choice for emergency damage repairs. Call (614) 777-4177 for a free, no obligation consultation.