Specializing in the repair of damage caused by fire, smoke, water, storms, wind, hail and more

Roth Construction Guarantee

Insurance Repair & Restoration

The Roth Construction of Columbus warrants and guarantees all materials and workmanship to be free from faults and/or defects as it relates to our written repair schedule. Roth Construction Columbus will also match any written guarantee from a competitor in the insurance repair and restoration industry!

Roth Construction of Columbus Restoration Guarantee

Roth Construction shall re-execute any work that fails to conform to the requirements of the contract and shall remedy any defects due to faulty workmanship which appear within a period of one year from the date of completion of the contract. The provisions of this article apply to work done by the subcontractors as well as work done by direct employees of Roth Construction. Materials will be guaranteed by the manufacturer.

If, within one year from the date of completion, any work or product is found to be defective, Roth Construction Company will, promptly, without cost to the owner, correct such defective work so as to conform to the repair estimate.

Roth Construction of Columbus Smoke & Odor Guarantee

The successful removal of smoke odor from a structure is critical to the restoration process. The Roth Construction Company issues a Smoke and Odor Removal Guarantee for the life of the structure as a result of the fire. Roth Construction will promptly, without cost to the owner, locate and eliminate the odor source. Roth Construction will also repair any areas that are opened to identify and eliminate the odor source.

If you have not contacted Roth Construction about your weather damage repair, fire damage repair or the repair of any other insurable loss, please call (614) 777-4177 any time day or night to speak with a Roth representative about getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible!